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Publication of CCP 12.2

Dear Readers,

We are pleased to announce the Comparative and Continental Philosophy 12.2 is now available on-line at Taylor and Francis: https://www.tandfonline.com/toc/yccp20/current.

In This Issue Jason M. Wirth and Andrew K. Whitehead; In Memory of Martin Schönfeld (1963-2020), Editor’s Preface, Democracy is Coming to the USA—Weather Permitting David Jones

Articles: The Doubt of the Thebans, Miranda Nell; When the Mirror Breaks: On the Image of Self-Consciousness in Hegel and Schelling, Brigita Gelžinytė; Nature, Gender, and Technology: The Ontological Foundations of Shiva’s Ecofeminist Philosophy, Gregory Morgan Swer; On a Language that Does Not Cease Speaking: Blanchot and Lacan on the Experience of Language in Literature and Psychosis, Cathrine Bjørnholt Michaelsen

Review Essay: Dark Ground and Unconscious in Schelling and Freud: A Review of Schelling, Freud, and the Philosophical Foundations of Psychoanalysis: Uncanny Belonging by Teresa Fenichel, reviewed by Jeffrey A. Bernstein

Book Reviews: Chinese and Buddhist Philosophy in Early Twentieth-Century German Thought by Eric S. Nelson, reviewed by Jana S. Rošker; Ambivalence: A Philosophical Exploration by Hili Razinsky, reviewed by Lior Levy