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Nathan Wirth, Zen Dreams








De Es, Denken (Thinking) from Philosopher’s Stone series









De Es, Jenseits (Beyond)










Philip Rubinov Jacobson, The Fire Muse









Tim Freeman, He ipu hō’ihi Pele #22


Abode of Pele Shih01

Tim Freeman, Abode of Pele









Alan Loehle, Shadow Dog









Chris Huang, Silver Stars and Moon


Artists’ Websites:

Nathan Wirth – http://www.nlwirth.com/

De Es Schwertbergerhttp://www.dees.at/

Philip Rubinov Jacobson – http://www.rubinovs-lightning.com/

Tim Freeman – http://tfreeman.net/Ceramics/Welcome.html

Alan Loehle – http://www.oglethorpe.edu/faculty/~a_loehle/

Chris Huang – http://yellowlotusdesigns.com/